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Economic Calendar

Being aware of news announcements and major economic data releases is very important as a trader, due to the market swings they create. Ultimate Traders provides an Economic Calendar to keep traders up to date concerning all such scheduled events.

Economic Calendar FAQ 

We answer some of the most common questions regarding the economic calendar below. For all matters concerning prop trading accounts you may contact our support team or, alternatively, visit the funded trading FAQ. Information regarding challenge fees, funding methods, packages, verification, trading rules, the evaluation process, funded accounts, and more are all included.

The economic calendar updates close to real-time on a 24-hour basis, so significant announcements from major global economies are sure not to be missed.

The purpose of the economic calendar is to make traders aware of events that are likely to impact the market to some degree of volatility, from low to high. Traders can utilize these moments to their advantage or avoid them, accordingly, depending on their own personal trading style and economic forecasts insights.
Yes, the economic calendar can be filtered by economy, time, degree of volatility, to suit your purposes.

Please note that all accounts we provide to our clients are demo accounts with fictitious funds and any trading is in a simulated environment only.