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Referral Program

最大20%の報酬 - 紹介 - チャレンジ


Our referral scheme is one that is unparalleled in the industry. Our referrers can earn up to a staggering 20% of every challenge purchased by traders registered under their referral link.

アルティメットトレーダーズ rewards performance by increasing the commission in tiers, with the tier level increasing based on the volume of referrals.

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Share the provided referral link with your network.



Watch as your referral account gets instantly credited for each challenge purchased (including repeat purchases).


There are 3 tiers of achievable commission. Registering through the referral link, the trader is also able to receive a discount that he would otherwise not be entitled to.

premier commission level for affiliates




elite commission level for affiliates




ultimate commission level for affiliates





Our Referral Program offers you the opportunity to earn based on monthly referrals. The referral dashboard links with the client portal, allowing quick and easy registration for all referrers. Additionally, we provide a variety of marketing tools and an intelligent tracking system, so you can easily track and monitor your performance.

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Referral Program FAQ

Most referral-related queries we answer through direct communication via telephone, WhatsApp, or email. For trading-related queries, you may also get in touch, or visit our プロップトレーディングのよくある質問 where you can find information on our evaluation types, challenge rules, registration fees, account packages, funding methods, and more! We have included some of the more common questions we receive regarding our referral scheme below.   

The commission rates are a percentage of every challenge purchased. This percentage increases over three tiers, depending on the number of traders referred. Referrers receive 10% for up to 50 referrals, 15% for 51-150 referrals and 20% for 151+ referrals. 

You can participate in the referral program by completing our online registration form. The application will be reviewed by the referrers manager, and, if successful, you will be contacted by our support team, who will provide the relevant offer, links, terms and conditions. Prior experience will be taken into account.

The commission is paid for every challenge purchased. So should the same referral repeat the evaluation process multiple times, the referrer will receive a commission each time. In terms of tier progression, each referral counts only once. 

Once the agreement is signed, you will start to earn from the very first referral. Commissions are paid into your referral account on a monthly basis and can be withdrawn at any time.

Please note that all accounts we provide to our clients are demo accounts with fictitious funds and any trading is in a simulated environment only.